When Karma is Corrupt

A corporate thriller. – At first, Francis Scott-Wren seems like any other rich socialite – his tailored suits, international travel, and significant wealth seem to suit him like anyone else born to a life privilege. What no one knows is Scott-Wren has a secret: he uses his wealth and influence to rid the world of greed and selfishness.

This time around, however, he has his sights on ruthless power broker George Schwartz, who directs Schwartz Inc. as a vehicle of personal profit and vengeance. Backed by his team of highly trained agents, including his loyal sidekicks Dhammakarati, a Buddhist monk, and the anti-social female agent Jo, they set off on a collision course with Schwartz that will leave some dead and others exposed.

As the action travels from five star hotels to Buddhist monasteries to the hallowed halls of the world’s most powerful players, Scott-Wren engages Schwartz in a fierce battle of wits that exposes disturbing similarities between himself and his prey. What remains to be seen is whether they really are so different and how far Scott-Wren is willing to go for victory.

” … fast-paced, enjoyable and well-structured …”

Henry Porter, author of A Spy’s Life

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Full of action and international intrigue, Charlotte Mandrup’s intense corporate thriller is also an examination of significant moral dilemmas including whether the end justifies the means, personal gain versus the greater good, and the righteousness of vigilante justice. An unusual mix of business, action, existential themes, and meditation, readers will find themselves not only on a journey full of danger and violence but also of self-discovery. As thought provoking as it is entertaining, When Karma is Corrupt is a gripping exploration of human nature and the integrity of the world of big business.

”Charlotte er meget resultatorienteret og fokuseret på at yde målbar værdi og er en ganske enestående person at arbejde sammen med.”